Educational Visits

April 2022

We have had a fantastic day at the Botanical Gardens, getting up close to exotic animals, creating art using natural materials and exploring the outdoors! The children were all amazing, polite, considerate and inquisitive.  A credit to Goldthorn Park!

CLICK HERE for photos from the day.



March 2022

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the ThinkTank Museum in Birmingham, where they took part in an Electrifying Science workshop to support their learning in school.
"I had so much fun and learnt lots of new things about electricity" said Jia. "I would love to go again! It was an great day!" said Marta.







November 2021

Year 5’s had a very exciting time at the Space Centre!
The trip involved finding all about the British astronaut Tim Peake, learning about the Solar System at a Planetarium show (including interactive quizzes), climbing on board an 85metre Rocket Tower, and extending their learning of Key Historical figures and the Space Race.

It was out of this world - and will certainly be a trip that we will all remember!






November 2021



Year 6 had an amazing time at Cadbury World on Friday 5th November. From learning about how our favourite confectionery is made and uncovering the fascinating story of Cadbury Chocolate, to adding our own favourite treats to a delicious pot of warm melted Dairy Milk and experiencing the thrills of the 4D cinema experience. This was a trip filled will lots of enjoyment and learning experiences. Please take a look at a selection of photos from our visit. 






March 2020

Year 1 had a very exciting time in a Space Explorer Dome. The children learnt all about the planets and our solar system. They heard lots of ancient stories and were amazed to see the constellations. The children learnt that the sun is a star and found out why the sun moves across the sky. They watched in awe at the different phases of the moon. The Space Dome has certainly inspired some future astronomers in Year 1.







February 2020 

On Thursday 27th February 2020, Year 2 were lucky to have a visit from Animals in Hands. Mo (the animal man) taught the children about animals from the rainforest. The children saw  Shahrukh the python, Charlie the chinchilla, Brian the snail, Alisha the tarantula and lots more

We all really enjoyed Mo’s visit, especially being able to touch and hold the animals. Well done Year 2!


November 2019

This morning we have been under the sea!
Year 4 have had a fantastic morning with the VR Team looking at the different layers of the ocean and the animals that they would find in each layer. They even went down to the trenches! We were given great feedback on their behaviour and the wonderful manners that they have. The children were also congratulated on the use of their scientific vocabulary.
Well done Year 4, you have behaved with courtesy and all of the teachers are very proud of you!



November 2019

The children had a fantastic time on their visit to RAF Cosford! They thoroughly enjoyed the activities and showed a positive attitude to their learning and behaviour.

October 2019

On Thursday 24th October, Year 6 visited Cadbury World, in Bourneville, Birmingham as part of our thematic curriculum topic: Chocolate!
We had an amazing time learning all about the origins of cocoa beans amidst trees and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle; the history of Cadbury chocolate; how the chocolate is made and the techniques used to create the delicious chocolate we eat today.
During our tour of the factory, we got to watch the chocolatiers work their magic as they revealed the secrets of traditional chocolate making. We then chose our favourite toppings from, giant chocolate buttons to pieces of sweet fudge, to add to a cup of warm melted Dairy Milk chocolate – yummy!

In the afternoon, we had a fascinating talk, led by Colin, where we learnt all about the Maya and Aztec civilisations. Here we learnt about the origins of chocolate in Mesoamerica; we got to hold a replica of a cocoa pod; look at the festival masks worn during the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival and the headdresses worn by the Maya.

We all had an enjoyable time and loved learning lots of interesting facts about Cadbury’s chocolate and where chocolate originated. 



July 2019

Year 1 went on an open top bus ride to Bantock Park. The children enthusiastically explored various playground equipment and enjoyed going on a flower hunt. They had fantastic day and they were superstars on the open top bus. WELL DONE YEAR 1!

July 2019

The Vikings are coming!  We spent the day as Anglo-Saxon families preparing our food, sharpening our weapons and creating our clothes.  During the afternoon we practised our warfare ready to defend our land from those vicious Viking invaders.  We all had a great time and learned lots about Anglo-Saxon Britain and even used artefacts made by actual Anglo-Saxons all those years ago.