October 2019

On Thursday 24th October, Year 6 visited Cadbury World, in Bourneville, Birmingham as part of our thematic curriculum topic: Chocolate!
We had an amazing time learning all about the origins of cocoa beans amidst trees and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle; the history of Cadbury chocolate; how the chocolate is made and the techniques used to create the delicious chocolate we eat today.
During our tour of the factory, we got to watch the chocolatiers work their magic as they revealed the secrets of traditional chocolate making. We then chose our favourite toppings from, giant chocolate buttons to pieces of sweet fudge, to add to a cup of warm melted Dairy Milk chocolate – yummy!

In the afternoon, we had a fascinating talk, led by Colin, where we learnt all about the Maya and Aztec civilisations. Here we learnt about the origins of chocolate in Mesoamerica; we got to hold a replica of a cocoa pod; look at the festival masks worn during the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival and the headdresses worn by the Maya.

We all had an enjoyable time and loved learning lots of interesting facts about Cadbury’s chocolate and where chocolate originated.