School Closure - Learning at home

Learning At Home


June 2019

On Thursday 20th June, Year 5 visited the Wolverhampton Art Gallery where they had facilitated sessions in the gallery space looking at Pop Art, Still Life, Victorian and Georgian Art and sculptures, focusing particularly on the elements of fashion in the artworks. Both classes had practical sessions where they had an opportunity to use block printing technique to create designs inspired by the 1960s fashion and art collections in the gallery. Children really enjoyed exploring work of different modern artists exhibited at the gallery.





June 2019

On Friday 14th June, twelve year 3 and 4 children had the opportunity to compete in the Great School Run at Aldersley Leisure Village. The children had a fantastic day! We played netball, football, volleyball and archery. Then, the children competed against other schools in a great school run. We are so proud of their perseverance as they kept running and didn't give up, even in the horrid weather! At the end of the race, the children met Wolfie, the Wolverhampton Wanders FC mascot.






June 2019

19 children from Year 4 attended the annual Singing in the Rain concert at Queen’s Square – Wolverhampton City Centre with 500 other children.
They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, despite the unusual ‘monsoon’ weather – it rained the whole time, but it certainly didn’t dampen their spirits!
They gave a sterling performance of ‘Rockin all over the world’, ‘Ukelele Man’, ‘Singing in the Rain’, Put a little love in your heart’ and the teacher’s composition titled ‘Home’ which was all about the city of Wolverhampton. We even managed to put together some dance moves too!
Thank you to all the parents who came to support us and join in with the songs too! Greatly appreciated!

We hope you are having a lovely half term break and we look forward to seeing the children safely back in school on Monday 3rd June. 


May 2019

A massive thank you to all the dads who participated in the FRED programme. Goldthorn Park is officially the best FRED school in the country! We have been recognised as having the most committed  dads, children and staff out of 99 schools who also took part in the programme.

What a wonderful achievement!




May 2019

We wish all our Year 6 children the very best as they sit their SATs this week.

May 2019

In English, the children were reading a book called 'Spaghetti and Meat balls for all'. In the story, the characters made food for a large group of people and hosted a dinner party. We decided to give the children an opportunity to experience making their very own vegetarian spaghetti dish and having a dinner party.

The children had a fantastic time! They peeled, chopped and grated tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots and peppers in order to make a tomato sauce for our meal. We added garlic into our sauce too!
Then the children watched and listened as the teachers began heating the vegetables and turning it into a sauce. The children estimated how much salt would be needed in the sauce. 

We then boiled the spaghetti in water, added a little salt and oil.

After the food was made and mixed together, the children learnt how to fold their napkins. Then, we had a dinner party with relaxing music as we ate our delicious spaghetti!





Welcome back to the Summer Term.

April 2019

We wish all of our children and their families a very happy Easter.

March 2019

On Tuesday 26th March, Reception enjoyed a trip to the Wild Zoological Park. The children learned about a range of wild animals from Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. They had lots of fun meeting various reptiles, emus, wallabies and lemurs. They even got chance to feed the meerkats. The children also had the opportunity to handle the animals including; a corn snake, blue tongued skink, a bearded dragon and a sulcata tortoise. The day ended with a fantastic free flight bird show. The children excitedly looked on as a bald eagle, a white backed vulture, a milky eagle owl and rainbow coloured macaws soared through the air.