Welcome to our Nursery, the first steps of your child's learning journey at Goldthorn Park Primary School.

Welcome to Nursery!

Week Commencing 16th November is national nursery rhyme week.
Please click on the icon below and have fun singing nursery rhymes with your child.

Through stories and play we will concentrate on building confidence, relationships and developing a sense of belonging for children in their new environment. They will be able to get used to their new routine and be encouraged to develop and expand their language skills in a variety of situations, both formal and informal, when playing and during structured games and activities. This will be within the classroom and outdoor environments.

As a large part of the school day will be spent learning outdoors, we would appreciate it if your child brings a suitable coat every day to wear for outdoor activities (wellingtons for wet weather).

Your child will be required to wear PE pumps for their PE lesson every week. PE pumps will remain in school during the week and they will be sent home at the end of each term.

Every child deserves the best possible start in their education and through parental and teacher support they can fulfil their potential. The Nursery year will lay the foundations to enable your child to become an independent and self-motivated learner throughout their whole school career.

Early Years Leader and Nursery Teacher: Mrs B Sahni

Teaching assistants: Mrs S Baker Mrs A Sangha


All the rhymes and books can be find by clicking the links below.

Week Beginning 4.01.21

Week Beginning 11.01.21

Week Beginning 18.01.21

Week Beginning 25.01.21

Week Beginning 01.02.21

Week Beginning 08.02.21





Week Beginning 2.11.20




Week Beginning 9.11.20


Week Beginning 16.11.20



Week Beginning 23.11.20

Week Beginning 14.9.20


Week Beginning 21.9.20


Week Beginning 28.9.20


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Week Beginning 12.10.20


Week Beginning 19.10.20


Dough Disco

We at Goldthorn want all our children to be independent learners, not reliant on everything being done for them.

We appreciate that they are young, but that does not stop them from doing and achieving successfully things in their own time.

Please help your child to develop the ability to make-marks and write by taking part in Dough Disco at home every day.
Make the dough, watch the video and copy the exercises. Have fun!

CLICK HERE for all you need to know about Dough Disco!

Click on the icon below for a video showing you the disco moves!


November 2019

‘Bonfire Day’ Friday 8th November 2019
Today Nursery enjoyed a bonfire day. We celebrated by drinking yummy hot chocolate, eating delicious marshmallows and singing campfire songs!


Nursery ‘Diwali Party Day’ 25/10/19
We had an amazing week in Nursery learning about the story of Rama and Sita. The children enjoyed making Diva lamps and having their own Diwali party at the end of the week. The children dressed in celebration clothes, ate traditional food, played party games and danced away!




Thank you to all the children and parents for coming to our ‘share a story workshop’ in Nursery. We had such a fantastic time sharing one of our favourite stories ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.


May 2019

A massive thank you to all the dads who participated in the FRED programme. Goldthorn Park is officially the best FRED school in the country! We have been recognised as having the most committed dads, children and staff out of 99 schools who also took part in the programme.

What a wonderful achievement!

 December 2018


Thank to all Nursery parents for your continued support this term and for helping your child to make Christmas calendars, cards and Christingles during Family Learning sessions.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to working with you in the new year.












Autumn Term 2018

Here are a selection of web links that we will be using in class for the rhyme of the week and the book of the week:


Please use the Dough Disco Video to help your child do exercises needed to get ready for mark-making, correct pencil grip and writing. Using this video for a short time everyday will help develop the physical skills needed as well as listening, understanding and speaking skills. CLICK HERE for the link to the video.





October 2018

Nursery parents, children and teachers enjoyed getting together to learn about and taste different types of bread from all over the world. Everyone tasted the bread and voted for their favourite.

Just like the Little Red Hen Mrs Sahni asked 'Who will help me?'.
A big thank you to all the parents who said 'I will help!'.
Generously they supplied all the bread and accompaniments.

Thank you from Mrs Sahni, Mrs Chana and Mrs Baker











Photos from 2017/2018

May 2018

Royal Wedding Celebrations

In afternoon Nursery children dressed in red, white and blue and enjoyed learning about the Royal wedding. We saw photographs of the Royal couple and explored real wedding objects to learn new words. We made flags, bunting, red, white and blue chains to decorate the nursery. On the dough table and in the mud kitchen they made wedding food fit for royalty. In the flower shop we arranged and sold wedding bouquets. We also made confetti and wedding cards and danced to wedding music and sang a wedding rhyme.



In the week beginning 7th May 2018, Reception and Nursery came together to launch the reading for pleasure programme called FRED – Fathers Reading Every Day. The children enjoyed the opportunity to have a healthy breakfast with their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and cousins and mothers. For four weeks, fathers and father figures will spend 15 minutes a day for two weeks, reading with their children – then 30 minutes a day for a second two weeks. Each father will record the amount of time spent reading to their children and the number of books read. Thank you to Mrs Sahni, Jeszemma Garratt (Head of FRED training) and Mrs Harrison for their excellent speeches about the importance of FRED at Goldthorn!


March 2018

The morning nursery children visited Spring Vale library on Thursday 15th March. They learned about how the library works and had the opportunity to make masks related to stories.
Elizabeth (the community librarian) shared some of her favourite books with us.
The children then chose books to read alone, or to share with their family and friends. They enjoyed looking at a range of fiction and non-fiction books, and all left with their own library card and first set of book loans!