We hope that you and your children had a good Easter break and we would like to welcome everyone back to the start of a new term. The children are eager to continue their journey to develop new skills in Year 1 and are excited about their learning.

Our topic for this term is ‘Out and about ’and as part of their learning children will have the opportunity to take part to go on an open top bus ride to West Park .

We will be continuing our learning on All About Animals ! We will be learning about animals that are omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. We will be investigating food chains and learning about the terms producer, consumer, prey and predators.  Our Science learning will move onto and focus on trees and plants.

As mathematicians in Year 1, the children will be learning about the four operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. The children will be learning more about sharing, fractions and statistics including block charts and tally charts.

In English, we will be  continuing to concentrate on applying our sentence skills in writing, and develop interesting sentences by adding adjectives, time conjunctions and different connectives such as and, so, but and because. There will also be a strong focus on prefixes, suffixes and spelling. Throughout the term, children will have a weekly spelling test.

For more details about your child's learning this term, please click on the summer term curriculum overview.

Your child will continue to have their purple homework books to develop their creative skills as well consolidating their learning in the classroom at home.

Please continue to support your child’s reading at home as much as possible. We remind you that your child’s
book needs to be in school every day. We would also encourage you to write a comment in their home/school diary, building their confidence and the link between home and school. Any extra practise at home is always welcome! 

In June, year 1 pupils will have their phonics screening test. The phonics screening check is a short and simple assessment assessing pupils  on their phonic skills. It consists of a list of 40 words, 20 real words and 20 non-words which pupils will read.

To prepare children a phonics screening pack will be given out consisting of the sounds that have been taught and words containing these sounds. To support your child being successful in their phonics screening with your child practise reading words and sounds from the pack for about  10 minutes daily . A letter will be given out to you explaining more about the test in further details

We have much to be excited about for the Summer Term and we look forward to a term packed full of learning and progress.

Miss Bailey – 1B    Mr Sandhi – 1S

May 2019

March 2019

On Tuesday 12th March 2019, the children in Year One went on a trip to the Cannock Chase Toy Museum. They learnt about toys from the past and how they have changed. They had lots of fun creating peg dolls, exploring and playing with old fashioned toys. The children enjoyed watching the hilarious Punch and Judy puppet show and performed a toy dance.



 January 2019      


Autumn 2018

On Monday 10th September 2018, Year 1 had a fantastic time on Pirate inspiration day. In the morning we learnt to use directional language to find the pirate treasure and worked together to solve a pirate puzzle! We painted our own class pirate ships and used our phonics to help us to read and spell words with coins. We unlocked the secret pirate code by read capital letters to help us find the golden coins hunt In the afternoon we did pirate PE where we had a we had great fun walking the plank and enjoyed listening to pirate stories with Mrs Flanagan.






May 2018

Royal Wedding Day Celebrations





Spring Term 

March 2018

Year One had a visit from Zoo2U who brought us some some furry, feathery, and scaly creatures as part of our science topic. They met some tortoises, guinea pigs, a hognose snake, boa constrictor, skunk, kestrel, a white faced owl, a greater tenrec and a very noisy parrot! As well as this we also had lots of fun making animal masks, animal habitats and going on a minibeast hunt. The children were able to learn all about the different habitats they live in, what they eat, and animal classifications. A great day was had by all! Have a look at some of our habitats we made. I’m sure you will agree they look amazing!