We hope that you and your children had a very enjoyable Easter break and we would like to welcome everyone back to the beginning of the Summer term. We cannot believe that we are now in our final term of the school year and we have lots of exciting learning to fit into it!

Our cross-curricular learning is all about Castles this term. We shall be finding out about who built the first castle, who lived in them and what jobs they did as well as exploring where the castles are situated around England. We will also be reading and sharing traditional tales and using fiction and non-fiction texts as starting points for our writing. We are continuing to focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar and applying our phonic knowledge, alongside writing a recount about our visiting workshops from a company called ‘Happening History’, producing fact files, reports, book reviews and creating our own stories.

In Maths, we are continuing with the four operations, finding fractions of amounts and working on problem-solving and reasoning activities using multiplication and division facts. We are also continuing with time, position, money and 2D and 3D shapes. We will continue with ‘morning mental maths’ sessions and using RM Easimaths on our laptops.

In Science, we will be studying ‘Plants’, exploring how seeds and bulbs grow into mature flowers. We will also be investigating the conditions needed for growth and seed dispersal and learning the basic structure of a variety of common plants alongside learning about animals and their habitats.

Our PE sessions are: Thursday afternoons.

Please ensure that children have the correct PE kit in school at all times. Please can we remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school with the exception of stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines these should not be worn on PE days. Children may be asked to remove earrings before PE sessions.

Children in Year 2 will continue to receive regular reading homework alongside using Reading Eggs, RM Easimaths and Times Tables Rock Stars where they can set their own challenges. Our focus on reading continues and it is a requirement that children read each night.

Week beginning May 20th is when all children will take the National Key Stage 1 tests. They will be kept low key and be part of our normal classroom activities. The tests are done in a calm and positive way as to ensure all children feel comfortable.

If you have any queries or concerns we are both available at the end of each day should you wish to discuss anything with us.

Mrs Hemmings                           Miss Devi  

      2H                                              2D

July 2019

2H created these fabulous castles as a home learning project. They are super and thanks to parents for your support with our project.

June 2019

Year 2 have enjoyed a fabulous visit from Well and Karen from the Happening History Company. Our topic is Castles and we have been learning about the first castles, life in castles, who lived in them and what rooms were inside and what they were used for. We had such a great day and experienced wearing armour, we dressed as servants, noblemen and ladies in their particular clothes, we ground wheat to make flour using heavy stones and created butter using butter churns. We learnt that medieval people created the material linen for their clothes by weaving wool and rich people wove silk from the silk worm and dyed it to make their beautiful clothes. Our photos demonstrate the great learning that went on.

Well and Karen emailed us the following day and said,
‘The children were brilliant, they had great knowledge and listened well. We were amazed they could remember the name linen, that almost never happens! They asked really  good questions and were obviously keen to learn. They are a credit to the school!’ 





March 2019

Getting ready to welcome our lovely mums, nans and people who care for us to
our  Mother’s Day assembly.


We created an Acrostic Mother’s Day poem together to share about how we feel about our Mums.



Photos from 2017/2018

Year 2 enjoyed a ‘Royal Wedding’ celebration day. We all dressed up in red, white and blue and learnt about a traditional church wedding. We also designed wedding dresses, commemorative mugs and wedding cakes. The school cook made us delicious cake to eat too!



April 2018

Year 2 have visited Warwick Castle and had a fabulous day. We saw first-hand what a castle really looked like and went in the Great Hall to see the weapons, armour and shields that were used a long time ago. We experienced an Archer shooting arrows, the trebuchet working and birds of prey flying through the air.

In the Kingmaker exhibition we learnt about life long ago and how Knights prepared for battle.


Spring Term

Spyro – the Bearded Dragon came to visit year 2.

Year 2 created fabulous Lighthouses for their home learning.