Welcome to the class of 2018-19 Year 3.


Our theme is Stone Age.

We will be exploring The Stone Age period. To kick start this learning we are giving your child an opportunity to experience what life would have been like during those cold, dark times.

On Friday 7th September children will take part in Stone Age Day.

Thank you for contributions already received, however we are still waiting for many more.

Our text focus for this work will be Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

Our Art, DT, History and Music will be linked, where possible, to the theme.

For more details of our learning this term please click on the Autumn Term Curriculum Overview. 

The children will have an opportunity as part of their class and home learning to research aspects of the topic that particularly interest them.
Children will be expected to complete 1 project this term.

On the first day back your child will be given a reading book and a record booklet. Please make sure that your child is reading for at least 10 minutes each day at home. To support your child with his/her reading, ask them questions to check that they have understood the text.
Who?       What?      Where?     When?     Why?     How?    If you were …

After hearing your child read, sign their record booklet. This is an important document which shows your child’s reading habits. Reading books should go home at the end of each day and returned to school each morning. Children MUST continue to use the program READING EGGS as part of their reading development.

In Maths children will continue to work on place value, calculations +  -  x  ÷ and measurement.

Please help your children to learn their time table facts. If your child knows the facts, please continue to ask them quick questions such as: 7 x 4, what is 5 x 3 etc. They must be able to recall facts quickly. All homework must be completed.
Children MUST continue to use the program RMI EASIMATHS and Rock Star maths to support their learning.

In Science children will learn about different types of rocks and their uses as well as investigating the hardness of rocks and their permeability. Children will learn to understand how soil is formed and how fossils are formed.
In the second half term the children will be looking at the differences between natural and man-made light and learning new vocabulary such as opaque, translucent and transparent. Children will also look at how important light is in celebrations around the world. 

P.E. and games kit MUST be sent into school on the first day back. It must have your child’s name and class written inside. This is very important.

Please send a bottle of water with your child to school every day. The bottle must be clearly labelled. 

Miss Grewal and I are excited about helping your child explore and develop new skills in year 3.

We look forward to working with you and your children.

We very much appreciate your continued support.


September 2018 - Stone Age Day

The children had a wonderful time. They learnt many interesting facts about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age which will help with our understanding for our history topic this term. Today, we learnt fow to make felt from wool, looked at fascinating artefacts from both the Stone Age and Iron Age period, and wove wool to make bracelets. 


May 2018