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Welcome to Class 7

Welcome to Class 8

Welcome to the Summer term!

A very warm welcome back to the Summer term, we hope that you and your child have had an enjoyable and restful break and your child is ready and refreshed to continue with their learning.

This term children will learn through a range of exciting and engaging topics:

In English children will be learning to use a range of punctuation in their writing, including paragraphing. Children will apply a range of vocabulary choices including adverbials, conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and a variety of sentence openers. Children will have opportunities to display their skills through genres in poetry, narrative and non-fiction writing and this will be linked closely to our thematic focus where appropriate.
Spelling will again be tested each week and as ever plays an important part in your child’s writing. Please ensure you listen to your child read daily to support with their progress and sign their reading diary daily. Your support with this at home continues to play an important role and we would like to thank you for your support.

In Maths the children will be starting the term focussing on properties of shape. We will also continue our learning on fractions and measurement looking at time, mass and capacity. The children will continue to consolidate and build up on all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Once again, children will take part in ‘Superhero’ times tables challenges each week to secure this understanding and ensure children can recall their number facts. Children can develop their times tables knowledge by practicing their skills through Times Tables Rock stars.

This term, we will continuing with our thematic approach to teaching. Our topic this term is ‘Time Tumblers’. Through our topic, we will be exploring the different aspects of human and physical Geography in countries across the world and comparing them to the United Kingdom. We will develop our computing skills using control software and animation. Our Theme will also link to History, Design Technology, Art and Music as the topic develops further through the term!

In our Science lessons we will be learning about diet, nutrition and exercise to complete our Animals including humans unit.

During PE lessons this term, children will be taking part in Outdoor Athletics. PE lessons will continue to take place on Thursday mornings. Please ensure that you child is wearing no jewellery the correct PE kit is worn.

At the end of the Autumn term, your child was given a list of their usernames and passwords for a wide range of online learning resources that the school subscribes to. Please encourage them to use these valuable resources frequently. The tasks set by the teacher will reinforce the learning they have had in school.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mr Holmes (Class 8) Miss Sharma (Class 7)

January 2021

 November 2019

We have had a lovely day raising money for this worthwhile cause.  With your help we raised £250.00 for the charity. Thank you very much for your kind donations.  





May 2019

In English, the children were reading a book called 'Spaghetti and Meat balls for all'. In the story, the characters made food for a large group of people and hosted a dinner party. We decided to give the children an opportunity to experience making their very own vegetarian spaghetti dish and having a dinner party.

The children had a fantastic time! They peeled, chopped and grated tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots and peppers in order to make a tomato sauce for our meal. We added garlic into our sauce too!
Then the children watched and listened as the teachers began heating the vegetables and turning it into a sauce. The children estimated how much salt would be needed in the sauce. 

We then boiled the spaghetti in water, added a little salt and oil.

After the food was made and mixed together, the children learnt how to fold their napkins. Then, we had a dinner party with relaxing music as we ate our delicious spaghetti!




September 2018 - Stone Age Day

The children had a wonderful time. They learnt many interesting facts about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age which will help with our understanding for our history topic this term. Today, we learnt fow to make felt from wool, looked at fascinating artefacts from both the Stone Age and Iron Age period, and wove wool to make bracelets. 


May 2018