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Welcome back after what we hope was an enjoyable and relaxing Easter break. We are all glad to be back in school again for the final term of your child’s Goldthorn Park education before they move onto their new secondary schools.

This term we will continue with our learning of the key subjects. We will also be completing some work on secondary transition so that your child can feel more comfortable about moving onto secondary school.

As part of the children’s homework, teachers will set pages in the Maths CGP books and the Rising Stars Reading homework books to be completed and brought back into school to be marked in class. Children will be required to make a note of the pages they need to complete so that they know what needs to be completed. Your child should be

The daily completion of reading diaries are still expected to a high standard. We also need to continue to use the ‘Reading Eggs’ online resource on a consistent basis to improve our reading and comprehension skills. MyMaths activities set weekly are also expected to be completed. If you are having problems accessing this at home, please inform your class teacher. We would encourage you to listen to your child read and ask them questions based on what they have read to ensure understanding. Children are expected to complete a task in their reading journals at least once weekly.

PE days are as follows:

Thursday – Soccer 2000 – Games Outdoor kit required

(Please remember to have your outdoor PE kit consisting of: jogging bottoms, outdoor trainers and a jumper/jacket. Also a reminder that jewellery must not be worn during PE lessons.)

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries via class dojo.

Mr Rawlinson (Class 14)          Mr Pryce (Class 13)

Mrs Jones (TA)


March 2020

Year 6 focussed their learning during Science Day on taste. Our first investigation aimed to prove a scientific theory that children prefer sweet foods and dislike bitter tasting foods.
 Are you a supertaster? Well...Year 6 aimed to find out if they were by counting the number of fungiform papillae on their tongues. We painted our tongues with blue food colouring and repeated the counting 4 times and took an average to determine the total number. Our observations found that the majority of children were classed as tasters which backed up the scientific evidence.


October 2019

What a fantastic time we had on our visit to St Peter’s church, Wolverhampton, for the Open Door Project! Learning all about the church was fascinating and we learnt many interesting facts about the church and its history during our tour. During the event, we had opportunity to make our very own stained glass windows, chalices, brass rubbings and stoles. These were lots of fun to make and we were all proud of the objects we made. Have a look at what we got up to by looking at the picture gallery below. We hope you enjoy!    




In science, Year 6 have all enjoyed learning many facts about light and how we see things.
Year 6 have been working scientifically by investigating how shadows behave. We made some predictions and then we collected data in a table to see how shadows changed depending on the distance of the light source from the opaque object. In another fascinating investigation, we explored how we can bend light using mirrors. This was a fun activity where we had to hit a hidden object with a beam of light using mirrors to reflect the light.  This has been a great topic where we have learnt, through hands-on investigations, facts about light.


July 2019

The Challenge is on!
Through orienteering, Year 6 have solved mathematical problems, riddles and a series of brain tasking challenges. They worked effectively in teams to complete the tasks set and gain points for their team. Well done to Group 4 - the winners!


First Aid
Today Year 6 have been learning about a very important topic which could save a life! They have put their friends into the recovery position, bandaged an arm, treated bleeding and shock and familiarised themselves with DR ABC - wow they are so talented!