We slept very well – didn’t disturb our teachers at all!. Had a great breakfast with a massive selection.
We then set off for Dolgoch Falls. The journey took about 45 minutes but the scenery was stunning. We walked up through the forest, along the side of the river until we reached the first waterfall. It was breath-taking!
We then climbed a little higher up the mountain taking in the views.
After about an hour, it was time to make our descent so that we could catch the steam train.  Such a lovely journey in an old steam train which cut through the Welsh countryside.
When we arrived, Mrs Sanghera and Mrs Lloyd were waiting at the station for us.








We walked down to the beach and were met with a spectacular sight. Azure sky met with a deep blue sea with not a cloud in sight!


At first, we just explored the beach and played with our friends. After a while we were given a scavenger hunt to complete….what a lot of stuff we had to find!


After that, there was a sandcastle creation competition – have a look at our end products.



Sadly, our time on the beach can to an end. We found a local ice-cream parlour and indulged in a little sweet treat. 

All aboard the mini-buses and back to to Panteinion for yet another wonderful 3 course meal. Yum Yum!
Now, were are glamming ourselves up ( preening and pruning) in order to look our very best for the evening disco.