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Dear parents/guardians,
Happy New Year and welcome back to a very exciting term ahead! We hope you’ve all had a fun but
relaxing time over the Christmas holiday break!

As well as settling your children back, this term is a very busy one - as always – and starts with an
exciting new History topic called ‘Athens v Sparta’. This incorporates looking at the History of the
Greeks and how they used to live, including the key aspect of mythology, especially highlighting the
conflicts that characterized Ancient Greece. We will be sending information to you in due course
about dressing up days/resources needed for our inspiration day to begin our exciting topic! In
addition to this, we aim to send out a homework project on this theme where the children will be
able to research valuable information via the internet and other educational material.

The children will be expected to read at home daily where we will require your support to help
them with this and talk about what they have read. A daily comment in your child’s reading diary is
always welcomed and communication in this book between yourselves and your child’s teacher is
always helpful. Children will also continue to receive one set of spellings weekly to learn at home
please (these being statutory words they will need to know in Year 3).

The online Reading Eggs programme will commence (so too a weekly comprehension task will be set)
but this is in addition to reading books they are expected to read at home on a regular basis.
The maths online programmes ‘My Maths’ and ‘TT Rockstar’ will be continuing to help consolidate
work your child has been doing in class. Please let us know asap if you have any problems with
accessing these programs as homework is vital towards consolidating learning we are doing in class.
Your child will now also be expected to complete x3 mini journal tasks upon the completion of
reading their book at home. When these have been completed and brought back to class and
evidence shows that they have demonstrated a good understanding of what they have read, they
will be able to change their reading book.

Your child will be continuing to take part in P.E on each Wednesday afternoon and Thursday
morning, and we advise children to bring their kit into school at the beginning of the term, keep it
in school for the half term, and taking these home to be washed please at the end of the half

We will hold our parents consultation evenings again this term, where there will be ample
opportunity for us all to discuss your child’s work, view their books and discuss how they are
progressing through their learning journey - more details are to follow later in the term.
As always, we appreciate your support greatly! Our classroom doors are always open; whether it be
for a quick chat, a thumbs up or to answer any queries you may have. You can always message us on
Class Dojos too, where we will aim to respond to you as soon as we can during suitable school
working hours.

We’re looking forward to working together with you again this term,
Warm regards,
The Year 3 Team,
Mrs Skitt/Miss Wood, Miss Richards, Mrs Bahra & Mrs Lloyd.


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